ThermiTight: Your Solution to Sagging Skin

Surprising even skeptical plastic surgeons with its results, ThermiTight is proving to be an exceptional option for those uninterested in major surgical enhancements. With its effective results, ThermiTight can tighten and smooth loose skin around the face, neck, tummy, back of the arms, and thigh regions.

In the past, non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures for skin laxity have been disappointing, providing subtle, virtually unnoticeable results. Because ThermiTight works under the skin targeting underlying tissue, it allows surgeons to improve your skin’s elasticity safely and comfortably.

During the ThermiTight procedure, a small probe is inserted under the skin, gently delivering a warm dose of radio frequency energy to the tissue. This procedure is pain-free, and results are seen after a single treatment. The best part of ThermiTight? It provides a comfortable procedure experience, while producing in youthful, toned, and firmer results with virtually no downtime.

ThermiTight uses the ThermiRF temperature controlled radio frequency platform. This platform is FDA-approved for dermatologic and surgical use on soft tissues and nerves. ThermiRF is the first device to apply the science of heat, a revolutionary technique for physicians to achieve cosmetic enhancements easily and pain-free.

If you are interested in ThermiTight treatments at our Lake Mary, Florida practice, contact Dr. Johnston today to discuss your options and schedule your initial consultation.