Eliminate Your Double-Chin with ThermiTight

Surgical neck lifts may be a thing of the past! If you suffer from loose, unwanted skin or fat below your chin, either called submental fat, or “double chin”, but aren’t ready for invasive surgery, ThermiTight could be your answer.

Significantly more comfortable than a surgical neck lift, ThermiTight can tighten and firm loose and sagging skin with a new minimally invasive technique. The ThermiTight procedure uses a tiny probe underneath the skin that warms underlying tissues with radiofrequency energy. The machine’s heat-sensing monitors allow for specific control over the temperature, ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable procedure experience. This also allows for precise sculpting of the chin and neck, providing well-contoured, youthful results with no visible scarring.

ThermiTight results in virtually no downtime for the patient, allowing them to proceed with everyday activities shortly after the procedure. Known to have reliable and consistent results, ThermiTight is a great choice for those interested in tightening and smoothing sagging skin or fat under the chin, which allows you to say goodbye to your double chin for several years. This can be maintained as long as you live a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise.

If you are interested in a minimally invasive solution to your double chin, make an appointment with Dr. Johnston at our Lake Mary, Florida office to discuss ThermiTight.