3 Myths about Vaginal Rejuvenation Debunked

With the popularity of vaginal rejuvenation increasing among women in Orlando, FL, it is no surprise that talking about the treatment has also increased. However, with discussion often comes misconstrued information, which leads to myths. Below are three common myths about vaginal rejuvenation debunked.

Myth #1: The primary reason for vaginal rejuvenation is to live up to men’s unrealistic expectations of the female body.

Truth: Vaginal rejuvenation treatments have gained popularity due to women gaining interest. Many females want to look as great as they do “down there,” as they do on the outside, and vaginal rejuvenation can do that for them. The ThermiVa radiofrequency treatment can also help with issues that are not aesthetic, such as urinary leakage or dryness caused by menopause.

Myth #2: Women today are arrogant and concerned with a body part that was not meant to be surgically enhanced.

Truth: With laser hair removal and Brazilian bikini waxes being a common choice for feminine grooming, women can now visibly see their private area. Women who are more aware of vaginal issues are more likely to consider vaginal rejuvenation to remedy these problems. One common issue is large inner vaginal lips, which may be an annoyance with clothing and hinder comfortable intercourse.

Myth #3: Men are the only ones who care about vaginal tightness and orgasmic ability during sex.

Truth: Many women are just as interested in sex as men are; they just do not discuss it as openly. ThermiVa treatments can tighten the vagina after childbirth, as well as aid in lubrication and orgasmic ability. Women who are troubled with these issues now have an option for non-invasive treatment.

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